Best Value Reds

Paxis 2013 Red Blend $9.99

Given 90 points and a “Best Buy” rating from the Wine Enthusiast never hurts but we’ve been hot on this wine for two years now.  Drier than the typical California red blend while still being rich and layered. One of these will always be on your wine rack!

Les Dauphins Cotes du Rhone 2015 $8.99

One of the best red wines in the building for under $10.  Raspberry and Strawberry flavors jump off the palate while a spicy peppery kick brings up the rear.  A fantastic everyday wine to pair with everything from burgers to pizza to chili.  It’s great to find good Cote du Rhone for under fifteen dollars and when it’s under ten.

Aupa Pipeno 2016 $11.99

This is one of those wines that is so unique and different that you just have to try it.  If I sampled it blind I would probably guess a French Beaujolais.  It is vibrant with fresh crushed berries and a wonderful lightness.  Extremely versatile, one could put a light chill on this red to enjoy with a group of friends hanging around the fireplace.

Rocco Giovanni Dolcetto d’Alba 2015 $11.99

Dolcetto is quickly becoming one of my favorite red grape varietals.  It is soft and elegant with notes of red cherries and a hint of smokiness.  Great as a weekday sipper or paired with cured Italian meats.

Montasolo Merlot 2016 $7.99

Easy to drink and simple, this wine is filled with red currants and blueberries.  A great weekday sipper, especially on pizza night.  This is the perfect wine to bring when you want to bring something inexpensive that tastes yummy.

Colosi Sicilia Rosso 2012 $10.99

They say the most important signs of a good wine is the color when poured in the glass.  That being said it should come as no surprise, “the black grape of Avola” gives off a deep ruby red color.  Ripe, dark fruits and herbal notes throughout make for a smooth entrance and exit on the palate.  Perfect for pizza night with family.

Finca Flichman Roble Malbec 2017 $8.99

It is well known that Malbec from Argentina is usually a great value.  This entry level bottling proves this with a leaner presentation of Malbec.  Still dark and full of blueberry fruit, the 4 months in oak brings a subtle spiciness.  This is a wine that could pair with many different flavors without overwhelming the dish.  It can stand up to foods like Tex-Mex or a big bowl of chili.

Laurent Family Vineyard Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 $11.99

With California Cabernet prices about to go through the roof with the 2015 vintage (summer drought produced low yields,) it is time to look to other grape growing regions for good, everyday drinking Cabs.  This version from Chile holds lots of dark berry fruit with a clean, dry finish.  Medium weight, it works well with a NY strip steak.

Villa Frassini Toscano 2015 $8.99

It is great to see when old world wine countries still manage to produce great wines at inexpensive prices.  This Italian blend marries the old school flavors of dried cherries of the Sangiovese with the fresh red fruits of the Cab.  Goes great with a simple spaghetti and meatballs.

Maison Nicolas Pinot Noir 2016 $8.99

Nicolas is a great bargain Pinot Noir from Southern France that stays true to this delicate varietal.  Tart cherries on the nose, lighter bodied with tasty fruit and good structure, and a touch of spice on the finish.  A simple Burgundy but unmistakably Burgundy.  This wine delivers vintage after vintage.

Goru Verde Jumilla Monastrell 2015 $9.99

Made from organically grown grapes, this Monastrell, or Mourvedre as it is known in France and America, is from the up-and-coming wine region of Jumilla in Southeastern Spain.  It is earthy and spicy with cherry, olive and fig notes.  This would be amazing with a sizzling steak fajita.

San Huberto Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 $8.99

Argentina Malbecs took this country by storm a decade ago.  They were simple and approachable and you could find a good one for under $12.  Well, now we are realizing that the same holds true for Argentinian Cabs and, in my opinion, they are even better for the money.  This San Huberto has some nice richness while not being overcomplicated by fake oak like so many inexpensive Californian Cabs.

El Castro de Valtuille Mencia Joven 2015 $13.99

Mencia is one of those grapes where if I am away from Rhode Island and am browsing another wine shop, I’ll grab one that I am not familiar with if it’s under twenty bucks.  You aren’t going to go wrong.  This one is reminiscent of a cross between a French Malbec and a Gamay.  It is on the lighter side, earthy and crisp.  Vibrant notes of cranberries and raspberries make this a great pairing with pork tenderloin or venison.

Santa Caterina Castelvecchio Chianti 2015 $9.99

This is a great representation of an Old World wine at an everyday price.  Medium weight, it features flavors of black cherries and plums mixed with notes of dried herbs and minerality.  Soft and easy drinking, this red should be savored with Ragu Bolognese.

Jean-Francois Merieau Gamay 2015 $13.99

Gamay might just be my favorite grape varietal.  Hand-harvested 40-60 year old grapes from a single block, this is the epitome of an inexpensive Loire red.  Silky and soft, it features straw berry, cranberry and plum notes.  This is one of those wines that works for everyone.  It is fruity enough for the beginner but has enough length and layers for the connoisseur.  Try with Goat cheese encrusted lamb.

Fattoria Teatina Foglio 12 2013 $14.99

Dark and fruity, the Foglio 12 seriously explodes with strawberry aromas, you’d swear it was made with strawberries.  There is an intense blood orange fruit on the palate with a bit of spice.  A pure cocoa note lingers on the end as well.  Very drinkable, not sweet, and food friendly with pizza and other casual mid-week meals.

Flaco Tempranillo 2015 $8.99

For those of you looking for a fresh, juicy, unoaked red, look no further.  Vibrant red berries are what this easy drinking wine is all about.  Tempranillo is the grape Spain uses to make Rioja, but those wines are aged in new American oak, typically giving the wine flavors of vanilla and dill.  This is just pure unadulterated fun!

Cave Saint Desirat Syrah 2014 $12.99

From just outside of the Northern Rhone Valley, this 100% Syrah is a steal compared with its Rhone counterparts.  Fresh red berry fruits meld with white pepper and earth floor garrigue.  Medium weight and food friendly, try with a pork chop in a raspberry glaze.

The Pinot Noir Situation 2016 $13.99

It is becoming more and more difficult to find high quality Pinots for under $20 form Oregon.  This one knocks it out of the park!  Fresh strawberries and cherries bounce on the tongue of this bright red.  Soft tannins make this wine very versatile and complimentary to almost everything on your dinner table.

Le Preare Valpolicella Ripasso 2015 $14.99

This was a smash hit at one of our Friday night tastings – so much so that we decided it deserved a spot with the Best Values.  That was five years ago and customers still keep coming back for it.  The Corvina brings a bright fresh cherry note at the start, while the second fermentation on the skins of Amarone brings a ripe richness to the finish.  This really is a steal for $14.99 and would go with anything from simple pizza to a veal cutlet with red sauce and pasta.

Adega de Redondo Real Lavrador 1L 2016 $7.99

I have been doing this job for over 17 years now and I still cannot figure how Portugal can produce so many great wines under ten dollars.  And this is in a liter bottle boot!  Light, soft, and easy to drink, this is a great weekday sipper or a good match for fish when one prefers a red.