Best Value Whites

Cooper Hill Pinot Gris 2016 $11.99

Fresh and clean, Pinot Gris from Oregon and Washington typically have more weight than that of Italian Pinot Grigios.  That being said, paring this wine with any poultry dish is usually a match made in heaven.  Fruity notes of melon, pear and peach make for a crisp and refreshing experience.  Made with organically grown grapes, this wine uses a minimal addition of sulfites for a smooth finish.

Comte de la Boisserie Vouvray Demi-Sec 2015 $12.99

Limestone soil gives this refreshing wine great citrus character on the palate with a crisp finish.  Floral on the nose and all um in the mouth, this pairs great with turkey or lamb.  It is not bone-dry (hence the Demi-Sec) but a touch of sweetness.  It only adds to the layers of complexity that exists in this wine.

Bouchard Aine & Fils Chardonnay 2016 $8.99

As one of Jeff’s go-to’s for sushi, with its medium body and richness, this Chardonnay from the south of France has remained a best seller for almost two years.  Aromas of apples and honey set the stage for candy-like fruitiness balanced by citrusy acidity.  Slight oak on the finish help this white to be paired with the richness of roasted chicken or the wasabi burn accompanied by sushi.

Glatzer Gruner Vetliner 2016 $13.99

This is a classic Gruner Vetliner showing restraint but keeping an easy drinking personality with a healthy dose of acidity.  Herbal characters mix with the fruit and the finish is soft and enjoyable.  There is more body to this wine than a Sauvignon Blanc, and will hold up to richer fish like swordfish or roasted chicken.

Famille Hugel Gentil 2016 $12.99

This wine marries the five main white grapes of the Alsace, France region, picking up characteristics of each one.  The Gewurztraminer shines with a slight spiciness while roundness, body, orange peel and freshness come from the others.  Try with spicy Thai food or pork.

Stefano Massone Masera Gavi 2015 $13.99

Stefano Massone is a rarity in Piedmont: he produces only white wine and from a single grape varietal – Cortese.  Working a mere 18 acres of vines, he puts the proof of careful, mindful viticulture in the bottle.  Crisp and light to drink as an aperitif, yet complex and ethereal.  The citrus-like acidity pairs well with seafood dishes.  Minimal sulfites are used along with organic farming.

Petit Bourgeois Sauvignon Blanc 2016 $14.99

At half the price of a Sancerre, this Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect entry level choice for someone trying to experiment with grapes from the Loire Valley. With grassy notes accompanied by lengthy minerality, soft and intense cheeses accompanied by homemade bread will be a great match.

Saint-Peyre Viognier 2015 $11.99

The problem with Viognier is that you never know which kind will show up; the rich, luscious syrupy kind, or the fresh, crisp, clean version.  This is the latter.  Grown on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, this peach-laden white is higher in acidity than most, making it a great pair for pork or chicken in a tropical marinade.

  1. Chapoutier Belleruche Cotes-du-Rhone Blanc 2016 $11.99

Melons and stone fruits are the first impressions of this super value from the Rhone Valley.  Whites from this region share a medium body and richness that reveal its terroir instantly.  This beautiful wine will complement many foods: fish baked in butter. Cesar salad, and other foods that balance rich and bright flavors.

Quinta Da Aveleda Vinho Verde 2016 $8.49

Portugese Vinho Verdes have been growing in popularity over the past few years.  Even the inexpensive ones are delicious.  This wine is full of aromas like pineapples and green apples.  The palate is greeted with bright lime-like acidity.  It is Aveleda’s high-end Vinho Verde (at under $10) and comes without the bubbly effect of many Portuguese “green wines”.  It is the quintessential beach wine, able to be served with seafood or by itself.

Di Lenardo Vineyards Pinot Grigio 2016 $11.99

Both affordable and tasty, this Pinot Grigio expresses the higher altitude of Friuli in Northeastern Italy, with complexity and minerality.  With a medium body, it’s full of fruit and well balanced.  Simple and fun, it will easily pair with cured meats and cheeses.

Man Family Wines Chenin Blanc 2017 $9.99

Aged on the lees for three to four months before bottling, this white is richer than most inexpensive Chenins, regardless of where they are from.  It has vibrant tropical fruit flavors combined with precise acidity, making it a great pair for fresh salads and grilled chicken.

Les Costieres de Pomerols Picpoul de Pinet 2017 $10.99

This Southern Frenchie white with its distinctive bottle has been a staple of the Best Values for years.  A modest floral aroma is balanced with great acidity and a limey citrus minerality.  A summer favorite, it compliments a fish dish even on the coldest days.  Shellfish would also be a perfect pairing.  For cheeses, stick with tangy goat cheese.

Eugene Blanc Macon Villages 2016 $13.99

This wonderfully crisp French Chardonnay begins with green apple notes, followed by moderate richness.  It is vinified in stainless steel.  Acidity wraps everything up in a balanced bundle of flavors.  A quencher to pair with shellfish, but enough richness to pour with a roasted bird of your choosing.  This is the Chardonnay to give your friend who says, “I don’t like Chardonnay!” They will!

La Val Albarino 2017 $13.99

Spanish whites are becoming hot!  The Rias Baixas region in northwestern Spain near the ocean known for its fish-friendly whites.  A touch of salinity mixes with white peach and apricots.  This is a great alternative to Muscadet to pair with shellfish.

Evolucio Furmint 2015 $11.99

Hand harvested grapes from volcanic soils create this dry white wine from Hungary.  Green apple and lime highlight the palate while minerality runs throughout to the crisp finish. A great alternative to Sauvignon Blanc.  Hungary is no longer known only for its sweet dessert wines!  Try with chicken and capers or richer fish dishes

Nicolas Sauvignon Blanc 2017 $8.99

Minerally and acidity allow for one to pair this easily with seafood as well as salads and other greens.  With strong flavors of grapefruit and gooseberry, it remains light and crisp throughout and serves as a nice aperitif or pairing wine.

Adega de Pegoes Vinho Branco 2016 $6.49

One of our go-to summer value whites for close to a decade, the Pegoes comes from vines located in the southwest region of Portugal.  An outrageous value any time of the year with plenty of lemon and citrus fruits on a soft but vibrant palate.  It is a simple wine, and makes a perfect wine to cook with.  Leave a glass behind for the thirsty chef.

Zenato Lugana 2016 $12.99

Harvested from the southern shore of Lake Garda, this Trebbiano is fermented in stainless steel tanks, retaining the grape’s freshness.  It offers notes of peaches and lemons with a hint of fresh herbs.  This is a great white to have with Grandma’s sausage stuffing.

Vignarco Orvieto 2016 $12.99

The limestone soils of Southwest Umbria produces white wine with vibrancy and crisp acidity.  This zippy rendition carries a floral aroma with citrus and nutty overtones.  Trebbiano is such a versatile grape.  If you haven’t tried an Orvieto yet, now is your time.

Sultana Grillo 2015 $12.99

You would think that for a country that has been producing wine for thousands of years, it couldn’t have an up and coming wine region, but it does!  For the past decade or so, lots of fresh, young winemakers have been investing time and money into the vineyards of Sicily and their hard work has paid off.  This Grillo has refreshing minerality wrapped around notes of citrus, Fuji apples and a hint of almond.  It pairs wonderfully with grilled fish.

Vincente Gandia Nebla Rueda 2016 $8.99

This is definitely one of the best deals in the house under $10.  Spain’s go-to white grape varietal to pair with seafood, the nose is reminiscent of fresh cut grass and tropical fruits.  The mouth offers notes of citrus and pineapples.  It is light and refreshing with palate-cleansing acidity.