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Octoberfest, Austrian-style on Fri, Bully Boy Distillery on Sat

Well, it's taken almost a month to put the main room back together after repairing the ceiling but the work is finally done. (There are still some shades and a new side cooler but for all intents and purposes, we are done.)

To help celebrate, we will highlight the flavors of the season this weekend. On […]

It’s a back to normal weekend: This week’s “After the Vine!”

The new insulation has been laid, fresh paint is on the walls, and the new ceiling tiles and lights are in place. It's time to get back to normal at Wakefield Liquors! Once again, I thank you all for your patience over the past couple of weeks. It has meant a lot to me and […]

Local Brew – Whaler’s Brewing Company in Peace Dale

Our friends up the street at Whaler's Brewing Company have been creating unique beers in Peace Dale for close to a year and a half. These elixirs, however, have only been available on draft in local bars and in their taproom in Growlers. Beer lovers from across the state have been asking for bottles of […]

URI’s An Evening of Grapes & Grain June 6

Now that the weather is finally in our favor, what better way to celebrate than to sample over 100 wines, beers, and ciders on the grounds of URI while helping support women's athletics.

URI's An Evening of Grapes & Grain is next Saturday, June 6, from 5-8pm. In addition to the dozens of hand-picked elixirs, […]

Bourbon Takes the Lead (Sorry, Scotch)

Over the last two to three years, if you read any article about the liquor industry, it would lead with how hot Bourbon is. Between a shortage of juice and a lot of good press, the demand keeps getting higher and higher. To highlight this ever expanding category, we reset our liquor aisle and now, […]

Justin & Landmark on Fri, Jeff’s Nemeses on Sat

Last month, our friends up the street at the Sons of Liberty Distillery got together a group of their most loyal customers to sample a trio of new Gin recipes. After what I'm sure was an evening of very difficult work, they came up with their first Gin: True Born.

It was introduced to Rhode Island stores […]

Castelfeder Winery on Friday, California Picks on Saturday

It has not been the easiest of weeks here at Wakefield Liquors. We want to say thank you to everyone who has reached out to us after the death of our friend, DeAnna Bates, last Saturday. We truly appreciate it and our continued prayers will go out to her family.
Today we will be featuring […]

April Brewery of the Month: Woodchuck – Hard Ciders are Perfect for Spring

You may have noticed that we have a new "open" neon. The previous sign alerted the village of Wakefield that we were here for business for over twenty years. It was sad to see it go. The amusing thing (to me at least) came during the two weeks that we had no working open sign. […]

Summer Beers in 20* Weather, Bourbons to Keep you Warm

This has been quite the month. It's March 20th. Summer beers have been out for several weeks and 2014 Rosés are starting to show up on our shelves but it's been in the 20s for most of the week. It's even supposed to snow today! It's weeks like these that my love of wine and […]

French wines with Donna on Fri, Phil’s picks on Sat

While most of the country thinks college basketball when the phrase, "March Madness" is discussed, the staff here at Wakefield Liquors has another tournament we like to partake in. The 2015 WL Beer Brackets have begun. Much like the NCAAs, 64 beers go head-to-head until one final team (or in this case beer) remains to […]