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Oh how taste buds change!

My wife and I celebrated our 15 year Anniversary together yesterday with our children at our favorite Pub, Doherty's East Ave Cafe in Pawtucket. With over 80 beers on draft and delicious everyday fare in a kid-friendly environment, our family and friends have been going there for a decade.

But as we ordered $12 limited […]

Abramo is back on Friday; URI vs Maine on Saturday!

When one thinks of the great wines of Piemonte in Northwestern Italy, you invariably reminisce about the powerful Nebbiolo grape that produces Barolo and Barbaresco. In regards to whites, Arneis and Gavi (made from the Cortese grape) come to mind. There are dozens of other grapes planted there, however. Tonight, we shall explore two of these […]

Narragansett Autocrat Coffee Milk Stout at Wakefield Liquors, Rhode Island

As is tradition in most of sports, but especially baseball, the winning team in a Championship Series celebrates their victory with champagne in their clubhouse after the game. Giddy 20 to 30-year-olds don goggles and spray their teammates with sparkling wine. Of course, some of it gets drunk too.
Nothing against Korbell, but you would […]

Wakefield Liquors Welcomes Autumn with a Pumpkin Section

After the last gasp of summer hit last weekend, it almost feels good to have Autumn finally arrive this week. To celebrate the changing seasons, we have erected a new Fall Pumpkin Section featuring all your favorite Pumpkin beers, whiskey, and liqueurs. Browse through the selections and try out something new!

Italian wine weekend! Abramo shines on Friday, Marc on Sat

Well valued customers, we have a Fall Festivus planned for you this weekend! Tonight, brand Ambassador of Tenute Rubino, Ivan Genuso, and Rhode Island Legend Abramo will be here to showcase the wonderful wines of Salento. Included will be the Two Bicchieri award winning Punta Aquila Primitivo.

On Saturday Marc will be here to highlight […]

Open during road construction!

Coming from Providence each morning, I never really actually go through Dale Carlia Corner in front of the store. The other day I came down route 108 from URI and, oh boy, is that construction terrible! As this sidewalk project enters its third month, some entrances and exits into our parking lot will closed. Rest assured, there will […]

Maria Stevens shines on Fri, Staff Highlights on Sat

Ah, how the town can change in a week's time. Gone are the tourists from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and here are the college students from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The weather has gone from very warm to hot. And the construction at Dale Carlia Corner still is not even close […]

West Coast Wines from Montinore Vineyards, Coppola Votre Santé

For those of you with children in elementary or high school, you are painfully aware that this weekend is the last hurrah of relaxation before the daily grind of early morning wake-ups, helping with homework, and after school activities takes over. Summer is a much slower pace. And warmer too! Oh, I will miss you. […]

Long Island wines on Fri, Dog Days on Satursday

Lieb Cellars is an 84-acre sustainably farmed vineyard located on the North Fork of Long Island, 80 miles east of New York City. Lieb was founded in 1992 and debuted their first line of reserve wines in 1999 under the direction of Australian-born winemaker Russell Hearn, with the Pinot Blanc and the Blanc de Blancs […]

The Perfect Summer Sangria – Our Signature Recipe

Perfecting the recipe

Since red sangria became a massively popular summer drink a few years ago, customers constantly bombard us with the question, "How do you make Sangria?" Of course, there is no wrong way to make it. Mix some red wine with fruit and whatever you have in your liquor cabinet and there is […]