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Doug from Winebow on Fri, Marc with Bordeaux on Sat

As the summer heat continues in South County, so does the revolving door of special guest stars. Newcomer Doug D'Auria from Winebow Imports with be highlighting a diverse mix of wines from all over the world on Friday. On Saturday, Marc from MS Walker will showcase new Bordeaux.

Also on Saturday, we welcome our neighbors […]

Box Wines, Aluminum Can Wines? New from Underwood Wines

Living in a beach community, we have always tried to offer beverages that are friendly to the beach-lovers and boaters in the region. Box wines have come a long way in their quality and selection. Aluminum beer bottles keep the liquid colder, longer. And the influx of microbrews in cans have all made our alcoholic […]

Bubbly and Rosé to start the weekend

What better way to kick off a beautiful weekend at the beach than with Champagne and Rosé? Especially when the beach will be hosting the Rhode Island Philharmonic! So before you head over to Narragansett Town Beach tonight, stop in and grab a chilled bottle for your evening enjoyment and see what we have to […]

Happy 4th from Wakefield Liquors!

Well, this is pretty exciting stuff! The Boston Pops concert on the Esplanade has been moved up a day to tonight. Fireworks celebrations across the Northeast have been pushed back to Saturday. As of press time, South Kingstown's are still on for tomorrow and the Bristol parade is going on as scheduled. Be prepared to […]

Abramo serves up Italy on Friday, Phil rocks in my absence

Let me tell you one thing. Unless you have ever been to Florida in June, you cannot possibly know how hot it actually is. Adults and children alike need refreshments to get through the day. At Universal's Islands of Adventures, the best place for a pint is Hog's Head Pub in the Wizarding World of […]

Spanish wines on Fri, New Best Values on Sat

Not surprisingly, in close to 20 years of retail (almost 15 of which have come here) I have amassed a few pet-peeves. Towards the top of the list has been when customers ask, "Do you have Yuengling?" "Not available in Rhode Island," I would respond, trying not to look agitated over the constant questions about […]

Carolyn pours potpourri on Fri, URI Grapes & Grain on Sat

Well, it finally looks like we are going to have a summer-like weekend from start to finish. And that is great news for those of you who are going to attend URI's Grapes & Grain, an evening to benefit women's athletics at the University. This is the fifth annual event, where you will enjoy a […]

Folie a Deux on Fri, Brian smiles on Sat

At Wakefield Liquors, you can tell that summer is right around the corner from the fact that people we haven't seen in nine months have been showing their faces around town. (And in the store.) We welcome you back to South County! There are many new wines, liquors, and beers in the store so feel […]

European wines on Friday, Narragansett Del’s Shandy

Okay, I am sure most of you have either called about, heard about, seen, or purchased a six pack of the new Narragansett Del's Summer Shandy. While the Brewery is having a hard time with the initial demand, they are brewing plenty and it will be here for the next few months so please, do […]

Don’t look now, the New Year is upon us

I hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. I spent most of my Christmas day in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, helping my eight-year-old put together a new Lego set. It was pretty cool. But unfortunately, in this business, there is no time to relax and get emotional just […]