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French wine specials & Abramo

Sometimes our weekend get-togethers are planned weeks, even months, in advance. Other times I get a call on a Friday morning from a good friend to see if he can highlight some French and Italian wines with a special guest. And when it’s Abramo making the call, of course we say yes.


He will be joined by Francoise Jacob, Brand Ambassador to his southern French and Italian wine portfolio. She was supposed to be in New York on Saturday but she’s sticking around to visit the good people of Wakefield.
Saturday, April 2, 2-5pm 

Jole Prosecco $13.99

Solis Trebbiano D’Abruzzo $12.99

Petit Paris Bergerac $14.99

Domaine de Moulin-Pouzy Bergerac $17.99

Pujol Izard Vieilles Vignes Minervois $15.99

Saturday, March 26, 4-6pm
Stony Creek Brewery

Al Burch, Sales Manager for Rhode Island, will be here to showcase the beers of Stony Creek..


The Stone Creek Story:
Stony Creek Brewery believes this is the time for Connecticut craft beer. And our small, ambitious team is doing their part to contribute creative, high-quality beers that inspire people across the region, and invest in a bright future for the state.
Our modern brewery is a sight to be seen, with a stunning indoor/outdoor taproom, game pit, dock access, and a first-hand look at our canning and bottling lines right from the taproom.
Our team is a mix of ambitious and dedicated local residents, working alongside some of the industry’s most talented transplants that now call Connecticut their home. Together, we aim to make the best, highest-quality beer in the region, and introduce new craft beer drinkers to flavors that are both familiar and new.

Stony Creek is something the entire community can rally around, whether you root for local entrepreneurship, great craft beer, or both. We can’t wait to see you there.


Wines for Ham and Lamb

Today, many of you have the day off. Or at least our children do so by default, many adults are home. So when that time of day inevitably occurs when you just need to get out of the house, stop on by and browse for your Easter selections.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.27.11 PM

As you enter the wine room there is table of recommendations for your Easter ham featuring off-dry Rieslings and fruit-forward Pinot Noirs and spicy French and Spanish reds for lamb. But as I always say, the most important thing is to pair your food with a wine you enjoy. We are here if you have any questions and look forward to helping you out this weekend.

And keep in mind, we will be closed on Easter Sunday.


Saturday, March 26, 4-6pm
Sons of Liberty Distillery

Mike Reppucci, Head Distiller of Sons of Liberty, will be here to showcase his creations.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 7.33.46 PM

Mike will also be introducing his new Limited Edition Release:
Battle Cry finished in Oloroso Sherry Barrels


This Month’s Mission: Try a New Red Blend

At the beginning of January I encouraged all of you to try a new grape varietal in 2016. I was so impressed with everyone’s open mindedness that I thought I would try something else this month. So for Lent, give up your ubiquitous, generic California red blend and try a new one.


Red wine being poured into glass

Red wine being poured into glass

Nowadays, when people think of red blends they typically go towards the rich, slightly sweet Apothics and Menage a Trois of the world. Many times, they think that the blending of several grape varietals is a new concept. Of course, that is wholly inaccurate. Bordeaux and Tuscany have been making blends for hundreds of years. In California, as in most wine making regions, the name of the grape on the label only has to make up 75% of the wine. Many times, other grapes are used to round out the flavors of the predominant grape.

So next time you come in, check out the table at the entrance of the wine room. I have selected a variety of unique and well-made blends for you to try.

Friday, February 19, 4-7pm
Donna Hutchinson

To get us in the red blend spirit, Donna will present to us today two Rhone blends that are a favorite of mine. (And a rosé blend too!)
Vigneau-Chevreau Vouvray Cuvée Silex 2013 $24.99
Couly-Dutheil Les Chanteaux Chinon Blanc 2014 $32.99
Domaine le Clos des Lumieres Rosé 2014 $14.99
Domaine le Clos des Lumieres Cotes du Rhone 2014 $14.99
Domaine la Guintrandy Visan Cotes du Rhone 2012 $18.99

Presidents Day and Valentine’s Day

I think it’s safe to say that this is most everyone’s favorite weekend of the year. Especially when the two best holidays fall on back-to-back days of each other!

Men, please remember to grab a bottle of bubbly or Pinot Noir along with some flowers for that special someone. And on Monday, enjoy a pint of beer or a glass of scotch while reminiscing about all of our country’s great leaders.


To help us all get in the loving mood, and keep us out of the cold, good friend Abramo will be here with Jemma Roberts from Bordeaux Vineyards to highlight some French and Italian wines, perfect for that night by the fireplace with your loved one. This will be a great prelude to Valentine’s Day as Abramo will have delicious macaroons to pair with his selections.


Sutto Prosecco $13.99

Chateau Beau-Puits White Bordeaux 2009 13.99

Chateau Des Trois Moulins 2009 $14.99

Chateau La Magnotte Bellevue Medoc 2009 $16.99

San Maurizio Moscato d’Asti DOCG $13.99

Saturday, February 13, 2-5pm
Ines, Export Manager of Castelfeder Winery & Steve Wynn
The Castelfeder Winery was founded in 1970 by Alfons Giovanett, who had attended the renowned wine school in San Michele all’Adige.
The small private winery originally lay in the center of Neumarkt/Egna in the south of Alto Adige and processed mainly red grapes of the Lagrein, Pinot Noir and Schiava varieties.

In 1989 the founder’s son, Günther Giovanett, took over the management of the winery and at the same time, relocated the operations to the small village of Kurtinig/Cortina in the very south of Alto Adige.
The purchase of new vineyards and close collaboration with other winegrowers in the area offer Günther new possibilities of producing great wines through careful selection of the best production areas and focused cultivation of choice varietals; a job he performs with enthusiasm.
A true family business with the goal of producing outstanding wines in a special region of Italy.
Pinot Grigio 2014 $22.99
Kerner 2014 $26.99
Vernatsch Schiava 2013 $21.99
Laggrien 2013 $24.99

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom… we’re still open!

We are open during the storm!

While none of the local teams are in the Big Game, it is still a great excuse to have people over. We are going to change things up a bit on Friday. In lieu of our regular wine offering, Marc will be here to show you how to mix some party favorites featuring Masters Gin, Stetson Bourbon, and Plantation Rums. Celebrate Super Sunday with these party-friendly concoctions.

Winter Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM

Friday & Saturday 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Saturday, February 6, 2-5pm

On Saturday, Phil will showcase a variety of easy-drinking wines that are sure to please your guests. All are in Liter bottles!
Go big or go home.
Berger Gruner Veltliner 2014 $13.99
Real Lavrador Alentejano 2014 $7.99
Broadbent Malbec 2014 $12.99


Abramo with new Sicilians and… Football!

Happy Championship Game weekend. I was very happy to see how many of you actually listened to me and came in to try new grape varietals last weekend. Now if only I could do the same with my children and vegetables! This weekend we will feature three new wines from Sicily. And I bet at least one of them, if not all, will be new grapes to you.



Abramo and wine ambassador Pierina Bianchini will be here on Friday with these wines from the sun-drenched hills of the island.

Friday, January 22, 4-7pm

Abramo & Pierina Bianchini with Italian wines

Sicilian wines have really taken off over the last year or so. The wines, both red and white, have great minerality and liveliness that make them easy to drink yet complex and layered. Today we will feature three new Sicilian wines from Abramo Selections, along with a few of his old favorites.

Sultana Grillo 2014 $15.99

Straw yellow in color, the nose opens with citrus and peach aromas. The palate is of lemongrass and stoney minerals. Perfect with white meat of grilled fish.

Sultana Nero D’Avola 2014 $15.99

A rich fragrance of blueberries and plums arises from a deep ruby color. The bright, simple nature of this grape varietal has caused it to grow in popularity over the last several years. We used to only carry one or two Neros. Today we have five or six. If you haven’t tried one yet, here is another opportunity at a new grape in 2016!

Sultana Frappato & Nero D’Avola 2014 $17.99

This 50/50 blend combines the delicate strawberry notes of Frappato and the rich, darker fruits of Nero D’Avola. Enjoy with a spicy pasta dish or simple strip steak.

Saturday, January 23, 2-5pm

Football watching wines

Mascara de Fuego Chardonnay 2014 $9.99

Uppercut Napa Merlot 2013 $11.99

Uppercut North Coast Zinfandel 2012 $11.99


Jeff’s New Year’s Challenge: Try a new Grape!

This time of year, it seems everyone is making a New Year’s Resolution. Usually it revolves around losing weight, or being nicer to people, or cooking at home more often. Well, if you haven’t made one yet, I ask that you try something different. This year, grab a bottle of a grape varietal that you haven’t had before. It could be white or red or even bubbly, but please, just make it new! 2016 shall be the year that we all broaden our horizons.

So come on in and ask for a hand from our friendly staff. We are eager to encourage something new and different. A French Aligote? An Italian Frappato? Perhaps a Californian Valdiguie? All are great choices that we can point out during your next adventure to the WL!

Friday, January 15, 4-7pm
New Grape Varietals with Jeff

In an effort to make my request even easier, I will showcase some great, affordable, easy-to-drink new wines.

Cabraccio Verdicchio 2014 $12.99
L’Ecole No41 Chenin Blanc 2014 $16.99
Jean-Francois Merieau Gamay 2014 $13.99
Olivetta Barbera 2013 $14.99
The Bean Pinotage 2015 $11.99

SuperBowl packs on their way

As a New York Jets fan living in New England, I have not had too many fond memories over the first 42 years of my existence. As we all know, the Patriots have won four SuperBowls over the past fifteen years while my Jets seemingly find new ways to lose each week. Pretty much everywhere you look, you find someone wearing Pats gear, eager to rub the Jets futility in my face.

Now, finally, thanks to our friends at Bud Light, my SuperBowl III Champion Jets are getting the respect they deserve. I don’t believe that I have ever purchased an 18-pack of Bud Light can but this weekend, that is what I shall be drinking.


And don’t worry Pats and Giants fans. Your SuperBowl packs will be arriving soon. I just hope the next time I have a Bud Light it will be in a SuperBowl 50 Champion Jets can!
Back to reality on Friday with Natalie Volpe. She will be showcasing a variety of Italian wines including a sparkling Barbera that is unique and delicious.
On Saturday, good friend Marc Guillotte will be here to highlight some new French Bordeaux that are great to give as gifts, or to enjoy yourself at your holiday dinner.

Friday, December 11, 4-7pm
Italian Wines with Natalie

Balestri Valda Soave Classico 2014 $12.99
Vigna Rocca Albana Secco 2014 $15.99
Tre Monti Barbera Frizzante 2012 $12.99
Tre Monti Campo di Mezzo Sangiovese 2013 $14.99
G.D. Vajra Barbera D’Alba 2012 $25.99

Rivalry Weekend and Great Wines

This time of year is always a blast. By now we have worked ourselves out of the food coma from Thanksgiving and we have gift giving and family gatherings to look forward to. And then there’s the annual battle between Providence College and URI tomorrow night at the Ryan Center.

And for us Jets and Giants fans, we have that on Sunday too! This is the best time of the year.


On Friday we have Doug from Winebow here to showcase some great wines from Argentina and Chile.

On Saturday, Jimmy Hayes will highlight a potpourri of wines from Argentina and California.

Saturday, December 5, 4-6pm

The guys from up the street at Whalers Brewing will be here to showcase their new Hazelnut Stout. Check out what they have before you head over to the URI-PC game.

Thanksgiving Selections at Wakefield Liquors

Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite times of the year. The family I haven’t seen recently, the food that I never cook for myself, and of course, the wine! We have selected a wide variety of wines to pair with your feast. Feel free to ask for help if you would like a specialized recommendation.