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Summer Beers in 20* Weather, Bourbons to Keep you Warm

This has been quite the month. It’s March 20th. Summer beers have been out for several weeks and 2014 Rosés are starting to show up on our shelves but it’s been in the 20s for most of the week. It’s even supposed to snow today! It’s weeks like these that my love of wine and beer take a backseat to Bourbon and Scotch.

2_20_15_bourbonsSo come on in and check out our vast selection of small batch and single barrel bourbons and single malt scotches. One of our new and interesting entries is Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea. To make this batch, Trey Zoeller, Jefferson’s Master Blender, sourced 62 barrels of bourbon aged 6-8 years and then put them on a container ship for 6 months where the barrels rocked and sloshed across the oceans stopping at a total of 31 ports and making their way across the equator four times. The theory is that this constant movement of the liquid in the barrels ages (matures) the whiskey faster because more of the liquid is in contact with the wood more often. What is produced is an elegant whiskey with notes of dark fruits, brown sugar, caramel and cinnamon on the palate and wood, vanilla and salt on the finish. Definitely worth the hype!



Friday, March 20, 4-7pm

New Italian Wines with Marc Guillotte

New to Rhode Island:
Fontanafredda Gia Bianco & Rosso 1L

The Bianco is Verdicchio: bright and crisp with citrus notes. The Rosso is a blend of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto, and Barbera. A wonderful blend for an everyday drinking red. Medium weight with red ruby fruits and soft tannins. $14.99 per liter bottle.

I Perrazzi Morellino di Scansano
85% Sangiovese, 5% Syrah, 5% Alicante,
3% Ciliegiolo, and 2% Colorino
This wine hasn’t graced our shelves since September of 2011 but upon sampling it recently, it had to come back in. Dark Cherry fruits mingle with tangy spice and smooth tannins. $17.99

French wines with Donna on Fri, Phil’s picks on Sat

While most of the country thinks college basketball when the phrase, “March Madness” is discussed, the staff here at Wakefield Liquors has another tournament we like to partake in. The 2015 WL Beer Brackets have begun. Much like the NCAAs, 64 beers go head-to-head until one final team (or in this case beer) remains to be crowned champion.


The first round match-ups are almost complete. To get a closer look at the bracket and participants, head into the beer aisle and see our display or talk with myself or Chris to get out take on favorites and early upsets.

And in the spirit of beer, visit Alex from Harpoon Brewery on Saturday from 4-6. He will highlight some of their UFOs (Unfiltered Offerings) including the White Ale and Big Squeeze.

Friday, March 13, 4-7pm

Cynthia Hurley French Imports with Donna Hutchinson

Founder Cynthis Hurley writes:
“For more than twenty years I have been importing exceptional wines from nearly every major wine region in France. My selections are terroir driven wines from independent growers who use minimal intervention to create wines that are outstanding representatives of their individual appellations.
I spend about three months a year in France tasting in nearly every major wine-growing area searching for great wines from both well-known growers and discovering wines from virtually unheard of growers. I import just those wines I want to put in my own cellar. One of life’s greatest pleasures is heading down to your cellar and picking a different bottle each evening.”

Tonight, we will showcase a selection of these wines.

Chateau Simon Bordeaux Blanc 2013 $14.99
Mourchon Cotes du Rhone Blanc 2013 $24.99
Le Clos de Lumieres Cotes du Rhone 2012 $14.99
Le Clos de Lumieres Rosé 2014 $14.99
Esprit de Flore Cahors 2010 $16.99


Saturday, March 14, 2-5pm

Phil’s Picks

Indaba Sauvignon Blanc 2013 $8.99
Avaniel Ribera del Duero 2012 $11.99
Special Price $8.99
Trivento Malbec Reserve 2013 $10.99

Oh Winter, when will you end?!

This was the beginning of my newsletter from last March 14, 2014…

“One way you can tell the changing of the seasons is by longer days. Another is by the fact that we had to change the clocks forward last weekend. The easiest way, of course, to tell that the climate is changing is check out the “Seasonals” beer cooler at Wakefield Liquors. Yes, this past Wednesday, Sam Adams began shipping their Summer Ale. Yes, March 12……Summer. Thank you Sam Adams for making the following day’s commute snowy and icy. The ultimate jinx!”


Of course, this year, our leap to spring has been far worse!

Yes, Sam Adams is still shipping their seasonal offerings way too early. Here is their Summer Ale in our parking lot this morning, March 6, 2015.


Thank you, again, Jim Koch!

Friday from 4-7

French & Argentinian Wines (An obvious combination)

Domaine de Boisson Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2011 $14.99

Mi Terruno Torrontes 2013 $10.99

Bouchard Pinot Noir 2012 $8.99

Sottano Malbec Classico 2013 $13.99


Saturday from 2-5

Sale Wines with the WL Staff

Villa Chiopris Sauvignon Blanc 2012

Regular $13.99 Special $11.99

Cormons Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

Regular $14.99 Special $12.99

Crios Malbec 2013

Regular $14.99 Special $12.99

Abramo pours Italy on Fri; New Aussies on Sat

It seems like we have been battered by cold and snowy weather since New Year’s. I can’t think of a better way to get us out of our doldrums than to have our good friend Abramo come by for a visit. Tonight he will be highlighting some old favorites from Friuli, along with a pair of new reds from Tuscany.


The staff tried to bring as much luck as we could to the URI basketball team this past Wednesday while supporting a good cause, but unfortunately, the Rams fell just short. Most of the fans in attendance were wearing pink URI shirts to help support the Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation. It was a great evening until the final seconds of the game!

Go Rhody!

Friday, February 27, 4-7pm
Tuscany & Friuli with Abramo

The wines of Cormòns, Collio, Italy

2-27-2015Cormòns lies in the heart of Friuli’s wine country.
The surrounding Collio countryside is blanketed with vineyards, reminiscent of Tuscany’s rolling hills or California’s lush Napa Valley. The name Collio is derived from the Italian word colli, meaning “hills,” which epitomizes this landscape where the grapes have more sun exposure than in the low-lying plains. These wines are well-made with great structure and beautiful purity. Regularly priced at $14.99, they are on special for $12.99 for the spring.

Pinot Grigio Venezia Giulia IGT
Chardonnay Friuli Isonzo
Cabernet Franc Collio

New Tuscan Reds from Abramo

Marchesato Degli Aleramici
Il Carlo Magno Toscana Rosso
A baby Super Tuscan made from a blend of 50% Sangiovese and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon $12.99

Il Galampio Super Tuscan 2012
85% Sangiovese, 15% Cabernet Sauvignon $29.99

We welcome Shinn Estate Winemaker Patrick Caserta

Shinn Estate, North Fork, Long Island


Barbara Shinn and David Page – native Midwesterners – met in 1988 when they were both living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Barbara had just received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the California College of Arts while David was completing his first decade as a chef. Their first few years together were spent immersed in the culture of Northern California art and cuisine.
In the early 90’s Barbara and David made a bold choice when they decided to move to NYC to further their careers by opening Home – one of the first farm to table restaurants on the East Coast. Home is now a restaurant institution – still serving “Neighborhood American” cuisine that Barbara and David created by pairing New York State wines with the bounty of the local region.

After building a successful neighborhood nano-empire with the addition of Drover’s Tap Room and Home Away from Home, Barbara and David set out to reconnect with nature when in 1998 they purchased the historic Tuthill homestead on Oregon Road in Mattituck, NY. They planted 20 acres of grapevines and built an estate winery and Farmhouse bed and breakfast which has been named a top American wine destination by Gayot, Fodors, U.S. News Travel, Food and Wine and Bon Appetit.
In the summer of 2009 and spring of 2010 a solar and wind power system was installed making Shinn Estate Vineyards and Farmhouse the first East Coast winery and inn to be solely powered by alternative energy.
A 400L copper alembic pot still arrived from Portugal during harvest 2010. Shinn Estate became the first Long Island winery to hold a farm distilling license. As distiller David produces grappa, eau de vie, grape vodka and fine alembic brandy.
A new tasting patio was built in the spring of 2013 adding comfortable outdoor seating.
As owner and viticulturist Barbara grows the wine utilizing holistic farming techniques that result in wines that exemplify both grace and clarity. As owner, vintner and distiller David works with winemaker Patrick Caserta to steward the wines and spirits from vine to glass.

Friday from 4 to 7

Winemaker Patrick Caserta

Shinn Estate, Long Island

Wickham’s Pear Cider 2013 $13.99

Chardonnay 2013 $19.99

Pinot Planc 2013 $29.99

Red Blend (The 5 Bordeaux grape varietals) $16.99

Estate Merlot 2011 $24.99

Cabernet Franc 2012 $34.99


Saturday from 2 to 5

New Winners

Palissade Sauvignon Blanc 2013 $9.99

Sottano Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 $13.99

Six Hats Pinotage 2012 $10.99


Love is in the air at Wakefield Liquors

Love is in the air at Wakefield Liquors! We have a fun-filled weekend planned for South County and your Loved Ones. Tonight we will feature the beautiful sparkling wines from the North Fork of Long Island, Sparkling Pointe. Pick up a bottle and celebrate with your significant other.
For Saturday we will showcase some unique dessert and sparkling wines to enjoy with sweets.


Also on Saturday we will mix things up a bit for the “holiday”. Instead of the usual beer feature in the main room, Marc will be here to offer a few cognac suggestions for Valentine’s Day to get things heated up.

Friday, February 13, 4-7pm
Bubbly and Wines from Long Island

Bridge Lane Chardonnay 2013

Fermented entirely in stainless steel, this wine retains the purity of the Chardonnay character, which emphasizes bright aromas of stone fruit and green apple, along with tropical notes. Crisp, clean flavors delight the palate leaving a fresh finish and a lingering minerality with a subtle earthy edge. With its light body and fresh finish, this versatile wine can be served as an aperitif or with any light fare.

Bridge Lane White Blend 2013

Light-bodied, dry white wine with tropical and floral flavors. 29% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Blanc, 18% Riesling, 14% Viognier, 9% Sauvignon Blanc, 4% Gewürtzaminer.

Bridge Lane Rosé 2013

Light-bodied, dry rosé wine with jolly rancher, strawberry and rosemary flavors. 63% Cabernet Franc, 21% Merlot, 8% Pinot Blanc, 5% Riesling, 3% Gewürztraminer.

Bridge Lane Red Blend 2013

Medium-bodied, dry red wine black cherry, cedar and spice flavors. 46% Merlot, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Petit Verdot, and 5% Malbec.

Sparkling Pointe Brut & Carnivale Cuveé

The soul of Sparkling Pointe was born more than twenty years ago, when Tom and Cynthia Rosicki first met at a debutante ball at the Waldorf Astoria. Weeks later, with a bottle of Champagne they toasted their first date. Cruising the Chesapeake Bay on their honeymoon, still only months later, they stocked their boat with many vintages and types of Champagne and Sparkling Wines. And through the years, they became lovers of the romance and magic of Champagne. As residents and lovers of Long Island’s North Fork, Tom and Cynthia witnessed the birth and growth of North Fork wine development, and they wanted to be part of it. Toast today with what they have created.

Potluck, Unplowed Roads, and Italian and French Wines

I’m not the type of person to encourage someone to drink but boy, it has been enjoyable to sit down at the dinner table after yet another bad commute due to all the snow, and enjoy a hearty glass of red. So come on in after a tough work week and check out this weekend’s selections.


And if you need to warm up, just see me on Monday get fired up if my boys’ ski lessons get cancelled yet again because of snow. Hello! They’re ski lessons!

Friday, February 6
4 – 7pm
Italian & French Finds

Vignarco Orvieto 2013
From the hills of Umbria in Central Italy, this white blend just recently turned over to the 2013 vintage. Fresh and floral, this wine features notes of citrus and pear with a slight nuttiness on a long finish.

Nemorino Toscana Bianco 2012
Made from an equal blend of Trebbiano and Semillion, this Tuscan white is rich and flavorful, like their more popular red counterparts. Lemon custard and tropical notes with spicy oak on the finish.

Chateau Unang Ventoux 2010
This Rhone blend from Ventoux is made from 65% Grenache, 30% Syrah and 5% Cinsault. It is earthy and dry with notes of raspberries, pepper spice and forest herbs. Great with a gamey venison or lamb.

Chateau Rayssac Cabardes 2009
I have not even tried this wine yet but every wine I have sampled from this hilly region in the Languedoc has been fantastic. It is made from a unique blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Syrah and Grenache. I can’t wait to give it a shot!

Saturday, February 7, 2-5pm

Zum Mosel Riesling 2013 $10.99
Finis Terra Alentejano 2010 $7.99
Anton Bauer Zweigelt Feuersbrunn 2011 $14.99

Have a great weekend!
– Jeff, James, Phil, Chris, Kerri and all of us at Wakefield Liquors!

Happy 2015!


Happy New Year from your friends at Wakefield Liquors! Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school, it feels great to get back to normal. January means big hearty reds by the fireplace and dark stouts while watching football. Speaking of which, remember, the Pats are playing on Saturday at 4:35 so come on in and grab all your tailgating needs in the morning. To help assist you with your beer choices, we will be featuring Newport Storm with our friend Joe, beginning an hour earlier on Saturday from 3 to 6.

Friday from 4 to 7 with Jeff & Phil

A taste of Italy (and maybe a French Rosé)


D’Alfonso del Sordo Catapanus Bombino Bianco 2013 $15.99

Domaine du Pegau Pink Pegau Rosé 2013 $11.99

Le Cantine di Indie Rosso del Popolo 2013 $14.99

Corte Rugolin Valpolicella Classico 2012 $17.99


Saturday from 4 to 7 with Phil & Kerri

 Portuguese Paradise


Dona Ermelinda White 2012 $8.99

Encostas de Penalva Doa 2010 $6.99

Romanisco Grande Reserva Douro 2008 $21.99

Barros Tawny Porto $12.99



Bully Boy Distillers tonight 4-7

Bully-Boy-Distillers-logoBully Boy Distillers is owned and operated by brothers Will and Dave Willis, who were inspired by their childhood home and fourth-generation working family farm. During prohibition the farm was home to an enviable collection of local artisan spirits, which were stored in a vault in the farmhouse basement. With names like “Medford Rum” and “Cow Whiskey,” these precursors to today’s craft spirits were harsh and remarkably undrinkable, but they had character.
Roughly 70 years after Prohibition was abolished the vault was rediscovered. Though covered in dust and cobwebs, it was inspiring, and the idea for a distillery that continues the legacy of artisan distilling in Massachusetts was hatched.

Paying particular attention to the caliber of ingredients used in its products, Bully Boy hand-produces premium spirits in small batches, emphasizing quality over quantity. As homage to the farm, the distillery is named after Bully Boy, a favorite farm workhorse. Will and Dave’s great-grandfather named his beloved horse using a term coined by his college roommate Teddy Roosevelt – “Bully” – meaning superb or wonderful.

Will Willis will be here tonight, from 4 to 7 to showcase his line-up of small-batch liquors.

Aged Whiskey

Boston Rum

Hub Punch


White Rum

White Whiskey

Abramo’s Holiday Picks on Friday; Organic Frenchies on Sat

Over the course of the holiday season, it seems that there is a higher frequency of entertaining. Whether you find yourself unexpectedly hosting a gathering or need to make a quick appearance at a friend’s abode, it is important to have a good selection of high quality, affordable wines. Our good friend Abramo’s wines from Collio, Italy, Cormòns, will be those go-to wines.

On Saturday, we will be featuring wines made from organically grown grapes from southern France. O by Gilles Louvet are certified Agriculture Biologique, meaning that the wines must contain more than 95% organic components and be certified by one of the accredited inspection bodies of the EU.

Friday, December 5, 4-7pm

Italian Holiday Wines with Abramo

The wines of Cormòns, Collio, Italy


Cormòns lies in the heart of Friuli’s wine country.
The surrounding Collio countryside is blanketed with vineyards, reminiscent of Tuscany’s rolling hills or California’s lush Napa Valley. The name Collio is derived from the Italian word colli, meaning “hills,” which epitomizes this landscape where the grapes have more sun exposure than in the low-lying plains. These wines are well-made with great structure and beautiful purity. Regularly priced at $16.99, they are on special for $12.99 for the holidays.


Isanzo Pinot Grigio
Cabernet Franc

Special Holiday Gift Ideas from Abramo

Grillo Merlot Reserva from Friuli, Italy $29.99

Chateau Ksara Chateau Rouge
Blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot from Lebanon $27.99

Saturday, December 6, 2-5pm

New French Organic Wines with Peter Aiello

Gilles Louvet Billes D’O Blanquette de Limoux NV $19.99

O by Gilles Louvet Chardonnay $12.99

O by Gilles Louvet Pinot Noir $13.99

O by Louvet Gilles Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot $13.99