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Summer Beers in 20* Weather, Bourbons to Keep you Warm

This has been quite the month. It's March 20th. Summer beers have been out for several weeks and 2014 Rosés are starting to show up on our shelves but it's […]

French wines with Donna on Fri, Phil’s picks on Sat

While most of the country thinks college basketball when the phrase, "March Madness" is discussed, the staff here at Wakefield Liquors has another tournament we like to partake in. The […]

Oh Winter, when will you end?!

This was the beginning of my newsletter from last March 14, 2014...

"One way you can tell the changing of the seasons is by longer days. Another is by the […]

Love is in the air at Wakefield Liquors

Love is in the air at Wakefield Liquors! We have a fun-filled weekend planned for South County and your Loved Ones. Tonight we will feature the beautiful sparkling wines from […]

Potluck, Unplowed Roads, and Italian and French Wines

I'm not the type of person to encourage someone to drink but boy, it has been enjoyable to sit down at the dinner table after yet another bad commute due […]

Happy 2015!

Happy New Year from your friends at Wakefield Liquors! Now that the holidays are over and the kids are back in school, it feels great to get back to normal. […]

Bully Boy Distillers tonight 4-7

Bully Boy Distillers is owned and operated by brothers Will and Dave Willis, who were inspired by their childhood home and fourth-generation working family farm. During prohibition the farm was […]