If any of you have driven on route 4 in the morning or late afternoons over the past three days you’ll also have come to the stark realization that the beach-goers have infiltrated South County. Summer is upon us! And after enduring such a cold, miserable spring, I think we’ve earned it.
Friday Tasting
Nothing signifies a Holiday weekend like Abramo at a tasting. Come see his selections to keep your summer cookouts going strong all season long. He will be featuring a new red wine at the store from the hottest grape growing region of Southern France, Gres de Montpellier.
FRIDAY May 25th 4pm-7pm
French wines with Abramo
Sutto Prosecco $12.99
Chateau de L’Enclos Entre-Deux-Mers $14.99
Goulyant Rosé of Malbec $11.99
Eloise Cabernet Sauvignon $11.99
Domaine Guizard Gres de Montpellier $17.99

Saturday Tasting
The good weather is supposed to continue today so we’re going to showcase some wines in a can to embrace the beginning of beach season. See for yourself what the hippest packaging in wine is. Remember, Wakefield is known as the Brooklyn of the North!

SATURDAY May 26th 2pm-5pm
Wines in a can with Jeff
Stella Pinot Grigio 187ml 4pk $11.99
Amble & Chase Rosé 187ml 4pk $19.99
Underwood Pinot Noir 375ml $6.99

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