This time of year, it seems everyone is making a New Year’s Resolution. Usually it revolves around losing weight, or being nicer to people, or cooking at home more often. Well, if you haven’t made one yet, I ask that you try something different. This year, grab a bottle of a grape varietal that you haven’t had before. It could be white or red or even bubbly, but please, just make it new! 2016 shall be the year that we all broaden our horizons.

So come on in and ask for a hand from our friendly staff. We are eager to encourage something new and different. A French Aligote? An Italian Frappato? Perhaps a Californian Valdiguie? All are great choices that we can point out during your next adventure to the WL!

Friday, January 15, 4-7pm
New Grape Varietals with Jeff

In an effort to make my request even easier, I will showcase some great, affordable, easy-to-drink new wines.

Cabraccio Verdicchio 2014 $12.99
L’Ecole No41 Chenin Blanc 2014 $16.99
Jean-Francois Merieau Gamay 2014 $13.99
Olivetta Barbera 2013 $14.99
The Bean Pinotage 2015 $11.99

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