Love is in the air at Wakefield Liquors! We have a fun-filled weekend planned for South County and your Loved Ones. Tonight we will feature the beautiful sparkling wines from the North Fork of Long Island, Sparkling Pointe. Pick up a bottle and celebrate with your significant other.
For Saturday we will showcase some unique dessert and sparkling wines to enjoy with sweets.


Also on Saturday we will mix things up a bit for the “holiday”. Instead of the usual beer feature in the main room, Marc will be here to offer a few cognac suggestions for Valentine’s Day to get things heated up.

Friday, February 13, 4-7pm
Bubbly and Wines from Long Island

Bridge Lane Chardonnay 2013

Fermented entirely in stainless steel, this wine retains the purity of the Chardonnay character, which emphasizes bright aromas of stone fruit and green apple, along with tropical notes. Crisp, clean flavors delight the palate leaving a fresh finish and a lingering minerality with a subtle earthy edge. With its light body and fresh finish, this versatile wine can be served as an aperitif or with any light fare.

Bridge Lane White Blend 2013

Light-bodied, dry white wine with tropical and floral flavors. 29% Chardonnay, 26% Pinot Blanc, 18% Riesling, 14% Viognier, 9% Sauvignon Blanc, 4% Gewürtzaminer.

Bridge Lane Rosé 2013

Light-bodied, dry rosé wine with jolly rancher, strawberry and rosemary flavors. 63% Cabernet Franc, 21% Merlot, 8% Pinot Blanc, 5% Riesling, 3% Gewürztraminer.

Bridge Lane Red Blend 2013

Medium-bodied, dry red wine black cherry, cedar and spice flavors. 46% Merlot, 37% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Petit Verdot, and 5% Malbec.

Sparkling Pointe Brut & Carnivale Cuveé

The soul of Sparkling Pointe was born more than twenty years ago, when Tom and Cynthia Rosicki first met at a debutante ball at the Waldorf Astoria. Weeks later, with a bottle of Champagne they toasted their first date. Cruising the Chesapeake Bay on their honeymoon, still only months later, they stocked their boat with many vintages and types of Champagne and Sparkling Wines. And through the years, they became lovers of the romance and magic of Champagne. As residents and lovers of Long Island’s North Fork, Tom and Cynthia witnessed the birth and growth of North Fork wine development, and they wanted to be part of it. Toast today with what they have created.

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