My wife and I celebrated our 15 year Anniversary together yesterday with our children at our favorite Pub, Doherty’s East Ave Cafe in Pawtucket. With over 80 beers on draft and delicious everyday fare in a kid-friendly environment, our family and friends have been going there for a decade.

But as we ordered $12 limited release brews in small brandy snifters, my wife always likes to recall the days in college when we first met. “The only beer I will ever drink is Budweiser!” I used to proudly exclaim. Wow, how times have changed. There still is a time and a place for an icy cold Bud, in my opinion: In the bleachers at Fenway on a hot July afternoon. Otherwise, I prefer a hoppy IPA or dark Belgian Ale, to name a few.

And certainly my wine palate has evolved over time as well. One of our first dates in Boston was at Top of the Hub, the restaurant at the top of the Prudential Center, on a cold, snowy night. Because of the weather, we were one of only two tables in the place. Usually, there would be at least an hour wait to get in. Upon ordering a bottle of their finest White Zinfandel, the waiter placed the cork in front of me and poured a minuscule amount of wine into my glass. After several awkward seconds of him staring at me, waiting for me to sniff and sample the wine, I said, “You’re going to fill my glass all the way up, right?” Thankfully, due to the lack of a crowd, the usually pretentious waiter cracked a smile and explained the procedure of testing the first sip of wine before pouring it for the rest of the table. Now, if the waitstaff didn’t allow me to sniff the wine before it was poured out around the table I would have a complete meltdown!

So while it’s great to go back and revisit the things we loved 15 years ago, it is also wonderful to sample new things and surprise our taste buds with delight. Hopefully, we will see you this weekend and maybe you will find something new to love.

And Hon, I still love you!

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