Perfecting the recipe
Perfecting the recipe

Since red sangria became a massively popular summer drink a few years ago, customers constantly bombard us with the question, “How do you make Sangria?” Of course, there is no wrong way to make it. Mix some red wine with fruit and whatever you have in your liquor cabinet and there is a good chance that you will enjoy it.

We wanted to come up with a signature recipe for the town of South Kingstown to savor. After two hours of mixing different concoctions, we had a winner:

Wakefield Liquors Signature Sangria

1 750ml bottle Lab Portuguese Red

1 cup Sprite

1/2 cup Hiram Walker Triple Sec

1/2 cup Christian Brothers Brandy

Mix in a pitcher, chill, add ice and sliced fruit


On Saturday, August 10th, we will have it ready for you as you come off the beach.

Come see how we did!

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