Wines chosen with passion.

newarrivalsWines chosen with passion. This is our slogan and we mean it. We work hard to provide Rhode Island with one of the best selections of fine wine in the state.

If you’re looking for French wine, we carry wines from Kermit Lynch, Neal Rosenthal, Louis/Dressner and a variety of other small artisan importers. From Italy we carry a wide range of wines from Vias and Winebow, as well as the wines of other small, family run importers. We are big fans of the wines brought into the country from Terry Theisse and usually have a nice selection of German and Austrian wines from his portfolio. Thinking organic? We have the area’s largest selection of wines made from organically grown grapes, made in a natural, non-interventionist style. California your thing? We carry an extensive selection of Californian wines, be it high-end Cabernet or a hard to find Chardonnay, chances or we have it or can get it. Looking for a special gift? We also stock an array of older wines in our temperature controlled wine cellar.